Seth Kretzer Is An Experienced Insurance Fraud Defense Lawyer

Insurance fraud can be defined as knowingly presenting an insurance claim containing false or misleading information with the intent of obtaining benefit or compensation from an insurance company. A Houston insurance fraud lawyer will argue cases including faking auto accidents and/or participating in staged car accidents; falsifying a personal physical injury for insurance benefits; making false health care disability claims; and exaggerating property damage caused by a fire or natural disaster.

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Insurance companies are specially protected by federal law. Many disputes between an insurance company and its claimants have become criminal prosecutions, and the law allows prosecution even if the insurance company never paid the disputed claim.

Even if you are just convicted of a paperwork mistake, you could face time in federal prison. Any felony conviction means you can never own a gun for the rest of your life.

The outcome of your case relies heavily on the legal abilities of your Houston insurance fraud attorney. At the Law Offices of Kretzer and Volberding P.C., we have a proven track record undertaking complex federal criminal cases and reaching successful outcomes. The entire focus of our practice is on serious federal offenses, including federal criminal appeals.

Insurance Fraud Investigations For False Claims: What Are My Defense Options?

Filing a false claim on an insurance policy is not considered a light offense. You need solid advice and a creative defense strategy that will minimize the negative consequences of the situation you are facing. Whether you are facing fraud charges on a health insurance policy, homeowners insurance policy, Medicare/Medicaid fraud or fraud involving false claims against the government, you can turn to our experienced team.

*Read this post about “Accidentally Committing Medicare Fraud“.

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Contact Your Houston Insurance Fraud Lawyer, Seth Kretzer

Our insurance defense attorney in Houston has extensive experience in the field of insurance fraud and claims involving false claims on government/FEMA fraud. Mr. Kretzer is familiar with the different types of insurance policies in Texas and understands policy coverage language. He knows what the prosecution will likely use in their arguments. Understanding the position that the other side will take helps our team to develop an aggressive, effective defense strategy.

Have you been contacted by law enforcement or a fraud investigator accusing you of filing a fraudulent insurance claim? If so, contact the Law Offices of Kretzer and Volberding P.C. at 713-775-3050 for a confidential consultation with an experienced Texas-based defense attorney. Your decision to contact an attorney immediately may be critical in securing a favorable result to your insurance claim.

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