Kickstart the post-judgment collection for your case by using our expert nationwide judgment collection attorneys to become your appointed receiver.

As an attorney, winning a money judgment in court for your client is a great victory. That feeling may start to fade when you see the long road ahead for collecting a judgment.

Fortunately, we’re here to show you why we’re the best post-judgment collectors in the nation.

Nationwide Judgment Collection for Attorneys

The Law Offices of Seth Kretzer are experts in every aspect of judgment collection. Our attorney post-judgment services help you collect your client’s judgment quickly.

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We know your rights, and we know your options when it comes to postjudgment collection. Our nationwide judgment collection agency can help you jumpstart the collections process by becoming the appointed receiver and filing an “abstract of judgment” in the county clerk’s office where the judgment debtor owns certain kinds of property.

Federal Receiverships

In accordance with the federal government, a court-appointed receiver may collect unpaid money judgments. This receiver (frequently a judgment collection lawyer or firm) is authorized by the judge to seize non-exempt assets from the judgment debtor to pay the judgment creditor.

After the Court issues a judgment and subsequent approaches of collecting the awarded judgment have failed, our judgment recovery law firm seeks the appointment of a Court receiver to enforce the collection of your client’s judgment. It is then the responsibility of the Law Offices of Seth Kretzer to collect your judgment. The following methods and tools are used by our nationwide collection attorneys.

Methods for Nationwide Judgment Collection

Finding out what kinds of property can be used in recovery of judgment depends on the debtor. Enforcing a judgment debt against a company is easier than against an individual, since the homestead, along with other types of property like a personal vehicle and clothing, is exempt.

To find out what property can be used for your recovery of judgment, the Law Offices of Seth Kretzer uses every tool at our disposal as litigators – interrogatories for post-judgment discovery, motion practice, turnover orders, and contempt charges if necessary – as part of our judgment recovery services.

After we locate the property, we can file an abstract of judgment for you which places a “judgment lien” on the property for enforcement of the judgment debt. There is no limit to the number of counties that we can file an abstract of judgment in, and the abstract of judgment and lien last ten years. We can also help you renew abstracts of judgments about to expire.

Another option of how we can enforce your execution of judgment is to obtain a “writ of execution.” 30 days after judgment, we will obtain this writ to attempt to seize the debtor’s property to satisfy your judgment. The court-issued writ of execution allows law enforcement to take on properties similar to those of a judgment enforcement agency. This means law enforcement can seize and sell real and personal property belonging to the debtor in order to help satisfy the judgment.

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In some situations, we can help you pursue a “writ of garnishment.” A writ of garnishment is particularly useful in situations where the debtor does not have enough real or personal property to satisfy your judgment against them. Accounts subject to a writ of garnishment can include not only bank accounts, but also some investment accounts.

Recovery of Judgment by an Agent of The Court

We may also be able to get you a “turnover order,” where court judgment debt collection occurs by appointing a receiver as an agent of the judge. This receiver uses his or her court-appointed power to conduct further post-judgment discovery and turnover assets directly to you.

Finally, if you have a judgment from another state, sometimes referred to as a foreign judgment, we can help you obtain a “judgment domestication” with the appropriate county clerk’s office. Once we domesticate your judgment, we can provide you with the full range of our judgment enforcement services described on this page.

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