When natural disasters strike, homeowners and business owners face the challenges associated with rebuilding a home or business. If you are facing government fraud, FEMA fraud or other federal criminal offenses, you need to seek legal counsel immediately. The Law Offices of Kretzer and Volberding P.C. is a trusted and reputable Houston criminal appeals lawyer that is entirely focused on handling complex federal criminal cases as well as criminal defense cases.

Government Contractor and FEMA Fraud Defense Lawyer

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When a storm or other natural disaster strikes, FEMA shows up to provide assistance. But this assistance comes with many strings attached. What the government does months or even years after the natural disaster is look back at past filed FEMA claims to see if any mistakes were made at the time they were filled out.

Homeowner vs. Renter Fraudulent FEMA Claims

For example, did you know that FEMA gives the most amount of money to homeowners, but less to renters? So even if a “renter” lived in a destroyed house for 20 years or more, a claim on the FEMA form that this long-term tenant is a “renter” can land you in federal prison.

Our government fraudulent claims lawyer is very knowledgeable of the paperwork for FEMA claims and how this paperwork needs to be filled out.

Never speak to a government investigator without professional legal representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney. This cannot be emphasized enough.

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If you have been contacted by a government agent investigating federal program fraud or misuse of funds, you should obtain legal counsel immediately. Your attempt to explain the situation may provide authorities with information that can result in numerous other federal charges, such as obstruction of justice or making false statements to a government agent.

To arrange a consultation about false claims on government/FEMA fraud charges, please contact us online or 713-775-3050“>call us at 713-775-3050.

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