Drug crimes are the most litigated offenses in federal court. As it turns out, your prison sentence is not the only factor you should worry about in your drug prosecution. The U.S. government is not content to just put you in jail; it wants to take everything you own.
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Our firm is committed to effectively guiding our clients through the appeals process and adamantly protecting their interests when they have been convicted and sentenced in a serious drug crime case.

Consult with the Law Offices of Kretzer and Volberding P.C. as soon as possible. You have only 14 days after you have been sentenced by the judge to sign a Notice of Appeal and file it at District Court. Contact our firm for immediate help.

Working To Minimize Your Federal Drug Crime Penalties And Protect You From Overreaching Prosecutors

Based in Texas, our criminal defense firm aggressively fights overreaching government theories aimed to nab the most marginally involved people in federal drug crime cases.

Federal drug crime appeal lawyer Seth Kretzer has represented individuals in Texas in varied federal crimes, including drug crime cases involving marijuana, hashish, cocaine, Ecstasy, prescription drugs, etc.

While many of our clients have been convicted of conspiracy, the determining factors that will ultimately determine on the punishment given are the type of drug and the weight/quantity that an individual is found to possess.

We recognize that your sentencing has real-world consequences. When you consult with the Law Offices of Kretzer and Volberding P.C., we will tirelessly work to minimize your exposure to negative legal consequences by thoroughly examining your case. Our criminal appeals lawyer will:

  • Look at what objections and statements were made in court
  • Reevaluate the strength of the evidence used to sustain your drug crimes conviction
  • Determine which sentencing guidelines are applicable to attack guidelines that were inappropriately applied and wrongfully enhanced your sentence
  • Work with an investigator to determine how to minimize your criminal history score
  • Explore expungement of old state convictions to reduce your criminal history score

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One of the most important steps we take is to learn if you are safety valve eligible. The sentencing guidelines set out a set of requirements that, if met, make you eligible to serve far less time than the Probation Department is trying to stick you with. Because the federal safety valve can literally take years off of your sentence, we will take an innovative and aggressive approach to clarify and defend your eligibility.

Attorney Seth Kretzer will meet with you during confidential consultations to discuss your conviction and your options for appeal. By learning the facts of your case and the circumstances of your prosecution right away, we can begin preparing your appeal with the end goal of victory in mind.

Let our firm help you protect your rights and your freedom. We are fully prepared to zealously appeal your federal drug crime conviction and sentence.

Please contact the Law Offices of Kretzer and Volberding P.C. at 713-775-3050 when you need experienced and reliable legal assistance with a drug crime appeal.

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